For what:

  • Ability to handle costly Client disputes at the expense of the Investor, Sponsor

  • Provision by a lawyer of high-quality expertise of the dispute (due diligence) at the expense of the Investor, the Sponsor

  • Financial attractiveness of disputes, including arbitration courts, as investment assets

How it happens:

  • Independent party (Investor, Sponsor) covers legal expenses (including those of a lawyer) of the case party (Client) for legal proceedings
  • Independent party (Investor, Sponsor) conducts preliminary examination of the dispute (due diligence)

  • Client receives funding for all or part of the legal expenses from the Investor, who has no right to determine the manner in which Counsel conducts the case

  • The Lawyer conducts the case in the interests of the Client with payment of his services at the expense of the Investor, Sponsor

  • If the case is resolved positively (won, amicable settlement is concluded), the Investor and the Client receive an agreed percentage of the winnings